Illustrations in user interface design

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Illustration is simply a pictorial representation of an idea, text, process or concept. It clarifies and supports the idea which people get from source of information, mostly in form of text. Its main motive is to help the viewer understand or imagine something better.

Illustration in User Interfaces

Illustration make the message and interactions easier and a good way to enhance positive user experience. Illustrations in UI can be used as banners, blog article images, storytelling, infographics, landing pages, marketing materials, hoardings, social media pages, graphics for mobile and web applications, tutorials . Let’s look at some reasons why illustrations have gain importance in interface design.

Illustration helps making the brand recognizable

The illustration helps in creating the visual trigger so that the message can be transferred quickly. It is true that people perceive images faster than the words. It means that the visual are transferred faster to the brains as compared to information in written format. This makes illustrations very effective in creating a user interface design memorable and supports the application branding.

These screens are from the Fab Kitchen app. Once the food has been ordered, user is able to get the information with status updates about their delivery. The animation shows 5 steps after order placement to help the user to track their order. The mascot used in the user interface design became the important component of interaction. It conveys various messages to the user making the interactions more user-friendly.

Another example of app onboarding screens, PickPock a password manager that store your passwords and logins, generate strong passwords, secure notes and more. The illustrations help users to deal with content easily and to understand the features of the application.

Motivate users to interact

The illustrations are used to visualize the goals and it help user to take actions.


Story telling with the help of Illustrations is something which unites the blocks of information so that the story is made memorable and the connection is set strong between parts. Using illustration in user interface design has proved to be effective in marketing as well as user experience design.

Develops emotional appeal

Illustrations has the power to develop the emotional appeal. Elements of illustrations such as shapes, lines, facial expression, colors, curves and dynamics are able to ignite the emotions. Illustrations proves to be powerful form of connecting the user emission with experience right from the beginning of interactions.


Have you considered using illustration in your user interface design? If you want to add emotions, engage users with catchy interactions or describe a story in your UI design, use illustrations to achieve your goals.

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